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Many reasons have made this dream island globally famous and many of us have seen magnificent pictures of it (pictures of Santorini have featured in the global promotion campaign of the Greek Tourism). Scientists relate Santorini to the mythical Atlantis. Also, Jules Verne has made Santorini famous through his novels “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea” and “The mysterious island”. Santorini is an ancient island, where the life of the volcano has significantly influenced the island’s structure and the lifestyle of its inhabitants throughout history. Another reason that has made the island well known is the view of “Caldera”, which is one of the most fascinating sceneries on the planet.

OIA: Famous for its sunset in Caldera, many people gather there in order to admire the breathtaking scenes of the hot sun vanishing in the dark blue colours of the Aegean Sea. Oia is the first settlement of Greece to be preserved by law, not only for its houses but also for its lifestyle and beauty.

FIRA: The seductive capital of the island. It is located in the west side of Santorini and is build on the top of a sharp vertical cliff at a height of 260 meters above the sea. All over the island, you will find more than 300 churches varying in size, which manifest the deep faith of the inhabitants.

KAMARI: The most popular beach in Santorini, known for its black sand and crystal clear waters. For your lunch (the area offers a number of traditional “Greek Tavernas”) will be a real pleasure to try Greek specialities such as “Fava” and fresh fish served with excellent local wine.


Heraklion / Rethymnon → Santorini Santorini (Athinios port) → Oia → Fira → Kamari → Athinios port


Upon arrival at Athinios Port of Santorini our guides will assist you to board the buses, as well as provide you with useful information regarding the bus schedule and interesting facts about the island and its history. Please be prompt regarding departure times as there cannot be any delays beyond 5 min. In the event that you miss the bus, means of transportation and relevant costs will be your responsibility.

1st stop: Oia. Spend some free time and enjoy the world famous view.

2nd stop: Fira. Explore the picturesque alleys, visit the local shops or simply gaze over the volcano and the magnificent cliffs of the Caldera.

3rd stop: Kamari. Free time to swim and enjoy local dishes of the island.




• Before you leave your hotel keep in mind to wear comfortable shoes, protect yourselves from the sun (hat, sunscreen etc.) and bring together all the necessary beach accessories.

• When you return to the ship make sure you have your boarding pass in hand to return it to the control officer boarding the vessel.

• The company is not responsible for any typographical errors.

• The company may change without notice the destinations order of the tour programme in Santorini.



Departure from Heraklion with the fast and luxurious ship.


Arrival on Santorini at the port of Athinios.

1st Day Excursion:

Oia – Fira – Kamari The buses depart from Athinios escorted by guides who will provide information concerning the island and its history. During the excursion you will visit:

OIA: Oia is the most graphic village of the island with a fantastic view, narrow streets and marvelous mansions. You will have free time to admire the old neoclassical manors as well as the houses carved on the rock, the manmade eyries that seem to hang on the edge of the precipice.

FIRA: You will have free time to visit the capital, go for shopping or enjoy your drink with a bird’s eye view over Caldera.

KAMARI: It is the most popular beach in Santorini which is know for its black sand and crystal clear water. For your lunch will be a real pleasure to discover traditional taverns with Greek specialities such as volvi, local “Fava”, stifatho octapus and fresh fish served with excellent local wine.


Transfer to hotel.

After you have free time for walking around, shopping and admiring over Caldera. Also you have a chance to enjoy the night-life of the island.

2nd Day Excursion: Morning free Departure from hotel to Volcano.

Volcano: Besides, you will have the chance to participate in the tour of the volcano round trip and Hot Springs swimming by comfortable and traditional Egiopelagitika small ships. During the route, there will be some stops for taking pictures.

Departure from Santorini heading to Crete. Arrival at Heraklion.